Editorial Policy

At Deutsche Aligners (“Deutsche”), we are dedicated to providing our readers with accurate, reliable, and easy-to-understand information about oral health and dentistry. Our aim is to empower readers of all ages and backgrounds to take care of their teeth and overall health. We use a transparent editorial process to ensure that the information we provide is useful and relevant.
Our content is comprehensive, thoroughly researched, and written with inclusivity, impartiality, respect, and empathy. Our editorial team follows a set of guidelines to create, edit, and publish each piece of content, which includes:
  • Working with subject matter experts who are trained to write high-quality content.
  • Checking for clarity, readability, clinical accuracy, and relevance.
  • Ensuring that each piece is reviewed by a board-certified dental professional.
  • Continuously updating and republishing content to reflect current information.

Expert Writers

Our in-house team includes subject matter experts who have real-life experience and expertise in dentistry and oral health. These experts, who include doctors, medical journalists, and industry professionals, are able to communicate complex information in a clear, concise manner. When we train our writers, we prioritize quality research and primary sources. Our tone is honest, friendly, and approachable.

Clarity, Readability, and Fact-Checks

Our editorial team reviews each piece of content for clarity, coherence, flow, and accuracy. We also check the citations for relevance and reliability, and we aim to use only reputable, up-to-date primary sources as references.

Board-Certified Review

Our medical review team, made up of experienced, board-certified clinicians and industry experts, verifies the content for medical accuracy. If any ambiguous, inconsistent, or questionable viewpoints are identified, they are addressed by our editorial team. A piece of content is only published once it has been cleared by the reviewer.

Continual Updates

At Deutsche, we are committed to providing our readers with current and accurate information. We have a team of in-house experts who identify and update any incorrect or ambiguous information. Our editorial team also monitors changes in clinical care, practice guidelines, new methods, techniques, and innovations in dental products and technology, and we update our content accordingly.